JDE Marketing began life in the UK in 1996 and we’ve come a long way (literally). We started in Wiltshire, United Kingdom and then relocated to the New York, USA for 13 years before returning to England in mid 2018 to begin a new chapter of growth and discovery.

We create transformational marketing programs and creative solutions for businesses of all sizes. We specialise in branding, content development and direct marketing (digital or traditional), but we work in every aspect of marketing communications. Our work is creative and powerful all rounded out with a side order of neuromarketing.

We can work with companies from the largest to the smallest (and newest) handling both domestic and international marketing, large or small scale.

Our ‘Bark Like a Big Dog’ programme is designed to help small business kick-ass without breaking the bank. With our help small businesses can give even the biggest dogs a run for their money. Efficient, creative and affordable!

Best of all, thanks to the application of neuromarketing we can do amazing things with small budgets.

We’ll keep our promises, we’ll get the job done.