We know more about human behavior now than ever before, neuroscience has revealed exactly how we like, love, lust and loathe. Over 95% of all our decisions are made below the conscious fold. Driven by the emotional core of our brains (the limbic system), the reality is that we decide long before we consciously choose. Even more alarming (for marketers) the part of our brain responsible for literally every choice we make, can’t read. Yep, your prospects are illiterate. Luckily we know how to apply science in the real world so that our marketing packs a punch with the subconscious brain. If you want to be seen better get busy with some brainy marketing.

Our brains love simple. Cognitive fluency relates to how easy it is for the brain to understand your message. When it’s easy, the brain interprets the message as being true, and the emotional ‘tag’ that comes along with true, is trust. Satisfy that equation then sit back and watch the results roll in.

We’re not the sophisticated beings we like to imagine ourselves as, no we are sweaty cave men at heart. Ruled by emotion and instinct our conscious ‘thinking’ brain (the neocortex) plays second fiddle to our emotional brain and in the absence of a logical argument strong enough counter the emotional response, the brain will always resort to heuristics. Don’t just sell, connect. Let emotion rule your marketing strategies. You can’t fight evolution (or emotion).