Mars (Hot Drinks Division)

We pitched against industry big guns and won (just as we did with the Royal Navy), so determined was Mars to work with us, they changed their agency policy so we could work on the project (they didn’t usually work with small agencies). Initially we were tasked with launching Flavia’s Cappuccino drink, the program was later expanded to include vending and Flavia corporate sales in general. Previously handled by an internal marketing team, sales were converting at .03% across all four sales channels.  We took over 3 channels and drastically reworked the complete sales cycle; print, call center, email and direct sales team development. The original program was scheduled to run for 3 months, it was extended to 18 months, translated into 9 different languages and distributed across 13 countries. It was the most successful direct campaign in the division’s history.  The three channels we managed had average monthly sales conversions of 23%, 17%, and 13% respectively. Boom!

Results?  We have them, you can read about some of them here.

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